Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blanching Almonds: Easier Than You Think

Blanching Almonds
Blanched almonds are simply almonds with no skin... which, when you think about roasted almonds where the skin seems basically painted on there, doesn't even seem theoretically possible. Or like you'd be hunched over a bowl scraping off almond skin with your fingernails or something.

Fear not! It is seriously a super easy technique that can save you some money.

Pour boiling water over raw almonds and let them sit for a minute (no longer or they won't stay crisp) and then drain and rinse with cold water. You'll notice that the skins have all shriveled up and pulled away from the almond The skins pop right off with just a little squeeze. I was seriously shocked at how easy it came off. Finished a cup in like 15 minutes even with boiling the water. Great for when you can't find blanched almonds or when you simply want to save some money (raw almonds are much cheaper than blanched or slivered).

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