Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buffalo Smashed Fingerlings

Buffalo Smashed Fingerlings

Not really a recipe here... more of a continuation of musings from a few weeks back. To make these I just did Kenji's Fried Smashed Potatoes, but fried them in vegetable oil instead of duck fat and then whipped up a quick buffalo vinaigrette (2:1 oil to Frank's RedHot) and scattered some blue cheese over top. Really good stuff! This is the way they serve them at JAM Bisto in Rehoboth, and I totally recommend giving them a shot.

The problem remains that the recipe takes a lot of hands on time to execute. It generally takes something on the order of an hour to get your perfect crispy yet creamy roasted potatoes, so the time itself is not such a big issue... but thirty minutes of frying in batches makes it hard to multi task with this recipe. Granted, you can make the potatoes ahead of time and warm them up in a 400 degree oven but I think the holy grail would be to figure out a way to do this entirely in the oven. I tried parcooking them on the stove and then roasting them, but wasn't entirely pleased with the results. Anna suggested doing it the old Cook's Illustrated way (roast in a foil covered pan to parcook, then take off foil and roast to brown) but to use a potato masher to smash them down when you take off the foil. It's worth a shot at least, and if I end up happy with the outcome I will post the recipe.

Frying Smashed Fingerlings

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