Thursday, September 20, 2012

Duck Confit @ JAM Bistro

Duck Confit Tacos
Getting married in about a week, so things are starting to get too hectic for very much cooking or posting... though there are a few posts in the hopper that I've got to bang out and I'm hoping to document some real live Texas BBQ during this weekend's trip to Austin with my college buddies... but I thought I'd put up this photo from lunch at JAM Bistro during our vacation in Rehoboth. Pretty simple dish... basically just duck confit, some lettuce, queso fresco, and house pickles (including some jalapenos)... but really a dynamite flavor combination. I suppose it's hard to go wrong with duck confit. You could easily throw these together yourself with store bought duck confit or homemade... and if you don't have fun pickles, you could instead top with a nice fresh tomatillo salsa.

EDIT: For some reason this didn't post when it was supposed to... oh well, I'll fire up the time machine.

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