Monday, August 27, 2012

Tapas at Café Azafrán

Tapas Happy Hour at Café Azafrán
When Anna and I make our yearly visit to the Rehoboth area, we are sure to always stop at Café Azafrán. Café Azafrán has two locations, one on Baltimore Ave in Rehoboth and another off the main drag in Lewes (the original location). Until this year, we had always dined in Lewes (pronounced Lewis), but the newer restaurant in Rehoboth has the advantage of offering a tapas happy hour ($7 tapas and $7 wine) five days a week (Sunday-Thursday) compared to just one (Tuesday) in Lewes... so it seemed time to make a visit. The tapas selection for happy hour is a bit smaller than their regular dinner menu (and portions are a bit smaller as well), but I still find it to be a pretty great way to put together an early evening meal from small plates. Here are some photos and descriptions of our favorites (the full set is here).

Haricots Verts Azafran
The Haricots Verts Azafrán are made with blue cheese and walnutshazelnuts, and are just fantastic. One our favorite things to order, and it's hard to imagine eating here without a bowl of them. The beans are crisp but caramelized, and the blue cheese is wonderfully assertive. This is a dish we really need to be making at home... once a year is just not enough.

Spinach Gnocchi
I really love their Spinach Gnocchi as well... always perfectly cooked and surprisingly light. Simply delicious.

Baked Goat Cheese Gratin
This might not be what you expect when you see the words "Baked Goat Cheese Gratin", but the warm goat cheese and roasted peppers is just fantastic to smear all over flatbread... and works as a nice counterpoint to romesco.

As I said, this is one of our favorite places to dine... I heartily recommend you stop in if you are in the Lewes/Rehoboth area.

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