Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Planet X Cafe in Rehoboth

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Stacked Potato Gratin, Local Sweet Corn and Cherry Tomato Relish, Cornichon Remoulade
Continuing on our little photo retrospective of places I ate at while on vacation... we have Planet X Cafe (though for updated menus you'll want their Facebook page). Being that Anna and I are a vegetarian/omnivore couple, the great thing about Planet X for us is that they offer a vegan or vegetarian version of (nearly) every meat dish on their menu. There is no vegetarian version of the crab cake you see above, but instead of Boneless Beef Short Ribs with Sticky Asian BBQ Sauce, Coconut Yams, Crunchy Sweet and Sour Spring Vegetables Anna had the option of crispy seitan served in a similar manner.
Crispy Seitan, Sticky Asian BBQ Sauce, Ginger-Coconut Yams, Crunchy Sweet and Sour Spring Vegetables
It's a simple idea, and obviously very efficient for the kitchen since you get two dishes by simply swapping out the protein... but I can't say I've seen it anywhere else. Learning how to cook with seitan and tofu would give chefs a lot more options than the dreaded "grilled vegetable plate" when a diner who doesn't eat meat walks into their restaurant... and I find it fairly mysterious as to why nobody seems to do this.

Regardless, the food was quite good (appetizers from this meal are here and here), and Planet X Cafe is one of our "must visit" restaurants in the Rehoboth area. Definitely a great choice for any vegetarians or vegans to get a nice dinner out at the beach.

From a photography perspective, this was the first meal I've photographed at night in a dark restaurant with a hand held light to illuminate the plates. I think it worked great, and wasn't very obtrusive... at least compared to a flash. I'd probably like a slightly more powerful light, but for the price it works pretty well and opens up some more food photography options for me.

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