Friday, June 8, 2012

Pressure Cooker Colombian Chicken Stew

Pressure Cooker Colombian Chicken Stew
Not a whole lot to say about this one as the recipe is quite simple and straight from Serious Eats. It's five ingredient 30-40 minute recipe (depending on how quick you are with prep) that is quite tasty. Contrary to the recipe I did try browning the chicken first in batches before pressure cooking... and while it does give a little color to the skin and probably a little extra flavor to the dish... it's hard to see it as a truly necessary step and it will add an extra 5-10 minutes onto the cooking time. Note that if you do decide to brown the chicken you want to keep the rendered chicken fat since that's a big part of the flavor of the finished dish.

My only quibble with the recipe... and it is indeed a minor one... is the indigestible tomato skins floating around in the finished dish. I'm not entirely sure when I became so fussy about tomato/pepper skins (perhaps this Jean Pierre video about making tomato concassé) but I have to admit they bother me. YMMV. Now, of course, only a crazy person would go through the trouble of peeling tomatoes for a rustic dish like this... but what about using canned whole peeled tomatoes instead of fresh? It's not like we're talking about a no-cook tomato sauce in the height of summer... this is a stew... so I wouldn't be at all surprised if good quality canned tomatoes actually tasted better in this dish than lame supermarket ones.

Food photography wise I'm experimenting with using a little hand held light to possibly use in restaurant situations. Obviously a little more "dramatic" with the spotlight effect.

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