Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fried Green Tomatillos

Fried Tomatillo and Spicy Mayo Sandwich

This was a pretty delicious sandwich from Serious Eats, though the recipe was not without its issues. The quantities seemed really off to me... since when was it 4 tomatillos to a pound? Are these some kind of mutant gamma irradiated tomatillos? I only grabbed a pound (with about 15 tomatillos in that pound) and it was still waaaay too much for four sandwiches. So I guess use your best judgement. I really like the flavors in the spicy mayo, but it came out a little too thin to be perfectly spreadable so you might want to consider upping the mayo ratio as well. Also, even though I loves me some bacon it seems a little mean to make a sandwich so close to vegetarian and then go so far as to fry the tomatillos in bacon fat. But other than that, I really loved the tartness of the tomatillos... I've only ever really had them in a verde sauce, so this was a nice change. While breading and frying tomatillos is a little involved for a sandwich, I still think this is a worthwhile recipe.

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