Monday, June 25, 2012

Always Time For Elote

Mexican Street Corn (Elote)

It's still pretty far from corn season here in Massachusetts... what you see above came from Florida according to Whole Foods... but it's certainly grilling season, and whenever I see a lit grill I want corn. I've posted about "Mexican Street Corn" (Elote) numerous times on this blog, as it is my favorite way to have corn on the cob any time I can't grab the fresh picked corn directly from the farmer and cook it immediately... which is most of the time. We don't often have access to a grill, so I most often use this broiler recipe. If you use a grill it's essentially the exact the same thing but it's a lot faster and easier. I would estimate that using my broiler it can take close to 30 minutes to achieve the blackening I like... with a lot of bending down to check on my "below the oven broiler"... on a grill it's more like 10-15 and easy peasy to get nice even browning.

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