Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pink Pickles (aka Zuni Cafe's Red Onion Pickles)

Red Onion Pickles
They are actually red onion pickles from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook... but that's a pretty brilliant shade of fuchsia for a pickle. You can find the recipe here. I haven't had a chance to try them yet so I don't have whole lot to say... but the recipe isn't quite as fussy as it sounds. Yes, you have to blanch the onions in the brine three times (in batches)... and yes, you need the onions to cool completely in between... and yes, that's along time to have your head over simmering vinegar (a good exhaust fan is helpful here)... but it really doesn't take as long as you might fear. Part of this was probably that I used a wider bottom pot than the 4 quart saucepan suggested, so my brine came back to a simmer quite quickly. In addition, spread out on a cookie sheet they cooled pretty fast. Plus, they're pickles... they have to sit around at least a day anyway, so they is no particular hurry.

I suppose the proof will be in the eating, as the repeated blanchings are allegedly the only way to get a great pickle flavor while maintaining the crunch of the onion. Certainly they do make for quite a pretty pickle.

After Repeated Blanching

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