Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lewes Farmers' Market

We're back from out vacation a little early... as we fled the beach late Friday night as the governor of Delaware called for a mandatory evacuation in the face of approaching Irene, so I thought I'd put up a slideshow of the wonderful Lewes (pronounced Lewis) farmers' market we visited the weekend previous. As you can see on their website, the market is located in the center of Lewes' fairly historic downtown ("first city of the first state") and it's open from 8 am to noon through the summer. The number of vendors and high quality of the produce was quite impressive... honestly better than anything I've seen up here in Cambridge/Somerville... definitely worth a look if you're in the Rehoboth area. While we were on vacation, we still like to cook a meal or two even so... it saves some money and summer produce is just so fantastic it's hard to pass up.

And here's hoping everybody stays safe and the area comes through with minimal damage.

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