Monday, August 29, 2011

Jam Bistro in Rehoboth Delaware

I've mentioned before that while I like taking pictures of food and also like eating in nice restaurants, I'm not really into whipping out the DSLR every time I'm eating out. Unlike some, I don't have a problem with people taking pictures of their food, but I don't generally approve of using a flash without explicit permission from the people around you and the lighting is generally too terrible to get a decent picture otherwise. So unless I get one of those cool spotlight things (unlikely), you'll probably only see me post "I ate this" pictures when I happen across the rare instance of great natural light in a restaurant.... which, as it so happens, occurred last week at a great lunch we had at Jam in Rehoboth. Jam has a fancy big sister restaurant next door called Eden, but from what I can tell Jam is the casual laid back sister who is most comfortable in jeans.

This is mainly a food pr0n post, not a serious review... as I don't consider myself a serious reviewer. How could I hope to give an honest review after sampling only three dishes on a single afternoon? I only really post about dinning experiences I enjoy and keep things firmly in the impressions area. So with that in mind...

Buffalo Smashed Fingerlings

This dish was fantastic... one of those sadly rare experiences that instantly makes you think about how to recreate it at home. From what I could gather, they were simply fingerling potates that were smashed up a bit and then presumably pan fried... though I suppose you could get a similar effect roasting in the oven. Then they were topped with blue cheese and doused in a buffalo sauce vinaigrette. Obviously a little on the decadent side, but hey, we were on vacation.

Butter Lettuce Wedge

Anna ordered this, and I didn't even taste it, but she loved it. It was a salad of candied walnuts, pretzel croutons, and pears... all under a maple/dijon dressing. I totally dig the presentation and wonder why we don't see wedge salads very often. I guess it's horrendously out of fashion... being made with butter lettuce and not mesclun, but I've seen a lot of talk lately about how iceberg lettuce is suddenly hip again, so the wedge salad is clearly seems primed for a comeback (if it isn't back already).

Lamb Gyro

Pretty simple... just a lamb gyro, but the meat was quite tender and the Tzatziki sauce was excellent. Though I might go as far to call the pita the star of the dish since it seemed clearly house made and brushed ever so slightly upon flatbread territory in a really pleasant way.

All in all a great lunch and restaurant I heartily recommend.

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