Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creamy Stovetop Corn with Poblano Chiles

Creamy Stovetop Corn With Poblano Chiles

We meant to make David Tanis's "Creamy Stovetop Corn With Poblano Chiles" at the beach (in addition to the gazpacho) but Irene intervened, so we made it at home with some fresh Massachusetts corn instead. It doesn't look particularly "creamy" because we couldn't locate any crème fraiche in the store and I didn't feel like making any... so I planned just to substitute in some sour cream... but didn't use enough. For some reason I had it in my head that crème fraiche is runnier than sour cream, but that's not really the case... it was crema I was thinking of, so the thinned out sour cream didn't really coat as it should have. It was still delicious though, with the sauce coming out almost like a spicy corn bisque... and it made Anna think it would be outstanding as is, but served on a bed of grits or polenta. Sounds good to me.

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