Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Mansell Mountain Hike

Mansell Mountain: Long Pond to Mansell Peak to Perpendicular Trail

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I feel like I'll be able to hike this mountain blindfolded soon(probably not a good idea), but we did another trip to the top of this under trafficked peak with some friends this past weekend. However the path we took this time is not quite as strenuous as the hike we did a few weeks ago, though it is significantly longer (5 miles vs. 3.2). The fact that the ascent is gradual and the descent is down carved stone steps meant that it wasn't too hard on one of our friend's bum knee. Mansell doesn't have the 360 degree panoramic views of many mountains in Acadia, but it does have some beautiful ones and the walk around Long Pond was lovely. A nice choice for a more peaceful hike (ignoring the motor boats) in Acadia during the hectic summer months.

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