Friday, June 24, 2011


Zuccaghetti - Close up

"What is zuccaghetti?", you may ask... a perfectly reasonable question since I imagine food52 user dymnyno made the word up when she wrote the recipe in question. In short, it's making a sort of faux noodle from zucchini by julienning it very, very thinly... and it vaguely resembles spaghetti made from zucchini.  There is no cooking in the recipe: just the julienning, some salting and draining of the zuccaghetti, and then finally the making of the creamy tarragon dressing. So pretty straightforward except for the prep... with the only problem is that I think doing the prep by hand is essentially impossible... or if not impossible then so tedious as to not be remotely worth it. I recommend a mandoline/v-slicer, but apparently there are also julienning peelers out there that do the job as well (and are cheaper and easier to store - though not as versatile).

Anna and I were both impressed with this dish and thought it came out very well. If you've got a garden this seems like a good way to use some of the bounty of summer squash coming your way... or for the rest of us, the bounty available at the farmer's market (though alas, these were supermarket zucchini). I would note that I completely agree with the Amanda and Merrill's comments that rinsing the salt off the zucchini is unnecessary... in fact I think the dish would be woefully under seasoned if you did.

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