Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Vegan Who Eats Bacon

Vegan superstar chef Tal Ronnen on militant veganism:
"So many people tell me, 'I could be a vegan if it weren't for bacon,' and I tell them, 'Be a "vegan" who eats bacon,'" Ronnen says with a shrug as he sits in the sun-dappled dining room of his loft in downtown Los Angeles.

Wha? Isn't that sacrilegious?

Ronnen sighs. "Real militant vegans hate when I say that. But if you are cutting back on the amount of meat that you eat, you're still doing something great for your health, for the planet and for the animal."
I have certainly scoffed at the concept of "a vegetarian who eats fish"... I mean, words have meanings and you just can't eat animal flesh and be a vegetarian... however, I think the approach to lessening meat consumption that's highlighted in the article is exactly the right one. Worrying about the eating semantics of how everybody's diet should be precisely labeled just seems like a colossal waste of time to me. No, somebody who eats bacon on their black bean burger shouldn't be called a vegan, but if they're not eating dairy and they're not eating meat otherwise... that's a hella lot better than most people, and embracing them seems a lot more effective on the animal suffering point than letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Also: "A Vegan Who Eats Bacon" would be one of the best blog titles ever. So somebody go get it... I'd snap it up myself, but I could never change my diet that much... and "A Vegan Who Eats Dairy, Bacon, and Often Meat" is just wrong, no matter what Tal Ronnen says.

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