Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chinese Chili Scallion Oil Update

Chinese Chili Scallion Oil

So one problem I noted with bottling 3/4 of a liter of chili scallion oil in a liter bottle, is that you can't really effectively reach down in there and dredge up the chili "sludge" (not an appetizing name, I know, but what else would you call it?). So I decided to strain out the excess oil and bottle it separately from the sludge (still covered in oil, mind you). I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with the strained oil (pretty color though, eh?)... I guess I'll have to start experimenting with Sichuan cooking... Ma Po tofu perhaps? I guess I could also cook veggies in it, or simply drizzle it over finished dishes... I guess I'll need to brainstorm a bit. Anyway, the chili sludge is the condiment I'm most used to using in our local ramen and pho places, so I don't find expect using it to be a problem... like in the recipe for vegetarian pho (from Veggie Times) we made this weekend:

Vegetarian Pho

I guess I'll just need to make it more often. I have some more comments on making the oil (and preserved lemons) here.

UPDATE of update: Great drizzled on pizza... this is confirmed.

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