Friday, April 15, 2011

Vegan Recipes, Meaty Pictures

As reported by, apparently the vegan website/magazine VegNews has been using Photoshoped versions of iStockPhoto to illustrate its recipes... and quite frequently the pictures aren't of "veganized" meat dishes, but of actual meat dishes. I guess this is the Food Porn to actual pr0n equivalent of finding out all those hot babes you were ogling were actually men in drag. Is it a terrible scandal? Well, since I'm not a vegan, don't know what's involved with publishing a magazine, and don't read VegNews... you'd probably have a hard time finding someone less qualified to have an opinion on this, but the internet being what it is I'll throw one out there anyway: it seems like with all the myriad of food bloggers out there that it wouldn't be hard to find a bunch who could test your recipes and knew how to handle a camera. Would a food blogger looking for exposure really ask for that much money?

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