Monday, April 11, 2011

Scandinavian Egg Coffee Review

As you can guess, "Scandinavian Egg Coffee" is coffee you make by using an egg to settle the grounds. Unfortunately the results seem disappointing:
The resulting pot is a beautiful golden-amber color, remarkably free of cloudiness or sediment. But it both smells and tastes, well, exactly like something you'd get in a church basement after a rousing game of Bingo.

Because of the extreme high heat and constant agitation from the rolling boil, the coffee tastes acrid, burnt, and overextracted: Kind of like a big, sloppy kiss from your chain-smoking Aunt Sylvia. The cup has an unmistakably clean and silky body, as the egg causes the grounds settle heavily in the bottom of the pot.
I heard about this tradition from a Neal Stephenson book, and had always been curious about it... I wonder if it would be better if you did it traditional French Press style instead of boiling it, but still added an egg to the grounds?

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