Friday, April 8, 2011

Recipes, Japan, and Charity

Ever since I changed this site from an insipid and amateurish political blog into an insipid and amateurish food blog, I've generally stayed away from current events... but everybody saw what happened (and is still happening) in Japan... and this particular charity on Japan's behalf involves both the Red Cross and food, so I thought it worth a post...  from Serious Eats:
This is a good cause and it involves Japanese food. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, How to Cook Everything author Mark Bittman, our very own Kenji, and some other good food folks have teamed up with founder Phil Michaelson to provide Japanese recipes to help the American Red Cross with their relief efforts in Japan. To support the cause, go to and click on the fundraiser link. 
Donors will immediately get a digital cookbook with 21 Japan-inspired recipes (including miso-glazed salmon and Tonkotsu ramen) for any contribution of $10 or more. Of every dollar donated through June 30th, 86 cents will go directly to the American Red Cross' efforts on behalf of Japan.
Though note: the recipes you get are on, which I've not used and can't speak towards it's quality. If you're not interested in trying out that site, you're probably better off just giving directly to the Red Cross (or whatever your favored charity may be).

I'll probably give it a shot though... because, hey, why not?

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