Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Food Photography and Plates

Grilled Cheese and Pea Soup
If you ever look through my food photos in my Flickr photostream, it won't take long to notice that I mainly only use one type of plate for my photos (at least in the last year or so)... not that we only have one type of plate, but that I've found that the colored and patterned types of dishes we own... that are pretty pieces in and of themselves... don't display food to its best effect. Kind of a bummer that boring white plates show food so much better, but there it is. If I was an artist, and I knew more about color, I could probably match up colors in my plates with the colors I want to accentuate in the food I'm photographing, and work it that way... but fact is I'm a novice who just wants to take nice pictures of the food he makes before it gets cold... and really, who has the budget to own a vast array of specialty plates that I only pull out if "I want some more red in this shot?" Makes more sense to me to have a small variety of white plates that you can use in any shot.

To that end Anna and I went up to China Fair to supplement our one set of white plates with a few more interesting shapes. I've always felt I haven't be able to do much justice to soups and stews (which are one of my favorite things to make), so hopefully this will expand the number of dishes I can photograph reasonably well... and help me with making my composition a little more interesting. I suppose we shall see once I get back in the kitchen.

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