Monday, March 28, 2011

Do not make this recipe. [UPDATED!]

Assemble Salty Sandwich
I have to specifically not recommend the General Tso's Tofu sub from the New York Times.

A 1/4 cup of salt... really? It's insanity. Unfortunately I didn't listen to Anna's skepticism like I should have, and we just forged ahead. I like salt a good bit, but this was inedible. It strikes me as a good idea overall (otherwise why would we make it?), but I wouldn't put any salt on the tofu and would cut back on the salt in the pickles if I was trying to make this a non disaster.

The Fries Were Good At Least

I made good French fries though, so the weekend's cooking extravaganza wasn't a total bust.

[UPDATE: After leaving a comment on the recipe itself I received a note from an editor over there that they changed the wording in the recipe to make clear they only wanted you to use about a tablespoon of salt mixture for each piece of tofu. Anna was in charge of that part, so I can't really recall how much she used per piece of tofu...  but there is still just as a large proportion of salt to other spices in the mixture...  so even if you only use a tablespoon of the mixture it still seems your tofu will be salty. However it's possible if you make them this way the sub will be as good as it sounds.]

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