Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mustard Tart

Mustard Tart 2
This was the key element to our Hallmark Holiday dinner; celebrating card and flower sellers everywhere! Actually, to be honest, I'm not really that anti-Valentine's Day... in many ways it seems manufactured, but whatever... it's just another day to do something nice for someone you care about.

Regardless, this is yet another recipe from Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table, which I've been blogging a fair bit lately. This is probably the recipe from that cookbook I've seen around the intertubes most, so I won't get too in-depth here... especially since I was Anna's sous chef, not the prime mover and shaker (as is often the case with dishes that require pie crust).

The best recipe online, complete with Greenspan's tips, is at the New York Times. One observation from Emily Weinstein that we shared:
The mustard flavor was not as sharp as I anticipated it might be — I used only smooth Dijon, not grainy, which could account for it, but mostly likely my mustard was not at peak freshness.
We bought new mustard (smooth and grainy) specifically for the recipe, so I don't think it was freshness (though I guess who knows how long mustard sits on store shelves). If you are feeling adventurous and looking for more assertive mustard flavor I would up the mustard by 1/2 to 1 tablespoon per mustard (i.e. 5-6 tablespoons total).

Not as awesome as a true deep dish quiche in my opinion, but less fussy and still really good.

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