Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Kindle

This is about 3 years late for any kind of trenchant tech talk... but I got a Kindle on Friday and am digging it pretty hard. The price... and my sagging bookshelves full of mass market paperbacks... were too hard to resist. Initially the weird e-ink screen refresh was a little jarring, but it didn't take long to get used to... what was much harder to adapt to was not having a touch interface. It's funny how quickly you get used to something like that, but it does seem the "next" and "previous" page buttons are ergonomically placed for long reading sessions... and I guess it's nice my grubby paws won't be all over the display. Part of me thought I should go straight for a iPad like device and do my reading on it instead... but the e-ink stuff is pretty nice relative to back lit devices, and a Kindle is a fraction of the price of a iPad... and when I eventually break down and get one I can read all the stuff I buy on Amazon with it regardless.

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