Friday, December 3, 2010


Recipe from the New York Times, but it's so simple you don't even need it. Boil potatoes, cut in half and top with cheese, melt cheese under broiler. VoilĂ . The only hiccup would be if you don't have oven safe plates that can survive under a broiler for 3 minutes. Being that I wasn't sure and didn't want to be responsible for ruining plates, I started them in the regular oven until Anna came in and told me our plates are oven safe... and I gotta say the broiler is a totally better way to go if you can. In the oven the cheese took like 20 minutes to melt (probably drying out our potatoes a bit) and didn't get any color... where it just takes a few minutes under the broiler and looks great after.

A little indulgent admittedly, but very tasty and easy. Recommended.

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