Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Witch's Hole and Paradise Hill via Carriage Roads

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As the weather gets colder it becomes less and less appealing to hike up a mountain and freeze to death... fancy that! But it's still nice to get outside and away from the urban grind for a while, so enter Acadia's carriage roads. They're generally quite packed with cyclists and families and whatnot during the summer, but on cold and drizzly Saturday's in late Fall you can get a lot more peace (though they're always popular). Since you never get above the tree line on carriage roads the views aren't quite as breathtaking as from the top of Cadillac for example, but it's still just as gorgeous as you expect from any walk through Acadia... amazing stone bridges and ponds and marshes everywhere. You can view the walk a bit bigger at Everytrail, and note that this route would work well as a short bike ride...  especially with children.

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