Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vegan Pupusas

Bean and Tofu Chicharrones Pupusas with Latin Tomato Sauce and Salvadorian Slaw

When I posted the tofu chicharrones recipe a couple of weeks ago, I alluded to the pupusas we made using it as a filling... strongly implying that I would be posting a recipe for said pupusas shortly. Well, I didn't...  and I'm not. I realized that masa harina dough is 3 ingredients, and I don't think I can effectively communicate how to shape them in a couple of paragraphs. So there's really not much that's super interesting beyondy the tofu chicharrones. Fortunately for anyone who wants to make them, it looks like Go Vegan Meow! has the full recipe from Viva Vegan!... including the salsa roja and curtido, which I no longer have the recipes for. She uses a different filling than we did, but you have quite a bit of freedom there. The important/interesting part is shaping the pupusas themselves... which you just have to get in there and give it a go to get the hang of it. You'll get tears and leaks... you just patch 'em up and keep going.

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