Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Korean Tacos are Delicious

Korean Taco

Last night, I finally made the Korean chicken taco recipe from the Times.. that I highlighted a on the order of a gajillion weeks ago. It took us a while to get to Reliable Market for some gochujang, so whaddya want? Poor priorities I guess.

There isn't much to say about the recipe itself except that I would just plan on marinating over night. A 2-4 hour marinade is just weird, and pretty inconvenient for a weeknight dinner... overnight is just easier and won't make a difference flavor wise. The vinaigrette is pretty great, but I think it might be worth reserving a small portion of the marinade as a nice hot sauce topper (you can't use the marinade itself since it has been in contact with raw chicken).

I really had trouble figuring out the best way to photograph this so that it looked as appetizing as truly was... and I don't think I was entirely successful.  In retrospect maybe I should have made three lines of chicken, salad/slaw, and cheese so that each was distinct...  hmmmm.

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