Friday, October 8, 2010

URL Updated

I decided to pony up the BIG $10 so that Chimpanzee Tea Party can have its own URL... (shockingly not taken!). I believe the blogspot address will redirect there indefinitely... or, I suppose, until I decide $10 a year could be better used buying a yearly burrito... so there is no need to update your bookmarks or RSS feeds. The only meaningful change is the "Email Me" button over there on the right, which will send email to my account at jwhamner (at) so you can contact me there instead of going through my Blogger profile.

Otherwise, I'm about to head up to Maine for a long weekend, which means no blogging in the new digs for a while... but hopefully we'll cook and hike enough for me to have plenty of material when I get back. Though unfortunately both me and Anna have been recently struck down by the plague, so I make no promises that we'll be super active.

See you Tuesday.

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