Friday, October 29, 2010

Saveur: Turkey in Poblano Mole

It still seems a bit too early to talk about Thanksgiving recipe ideas, but the November Saveur came yesterday... and I was surprisingly excited by their turkey section... so here we are. I was planning on making cassoulet again (though Bourdain's recipe) this year, but then I saw this turkey in poblano mole recipe by Rick Bayless... and I think I'm in love. Just making the mole sounds incredibly complex, involved, and excruciatingly detailed with tons of ingredients... which is exactly what I'm looking for when I've got multiple days devoted to cooking something awesome. I'll once again be the only meat eater this year though, so I've got to figure out if I can halve it or something. I would assume they don't sell half of  a "skin on boneless turkey breast"...  but I've never looked... I guess I could just go with turkey thighs instead. Hmmm.

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