Friday, October 15, 2010

Homemade Pasta

Pasta by Anna, Sauce by Jason
Anna did all the work here on the noodles (though I did make the sauce from fresh tomatoes), but I thought they came out very well. She did one of the versions from Bittman's HTCE but used our 00 flour. It was somewhat shocking how thin she was able to get the noodles by running it through the machine three times as instructed (maybe a little too thin actually). Anyway, it's easier than you think and seems worth doing... we've had the pasta machine gathering dust in our cabinet for years now, so it was a very good thing Anna broke it out and had a lot of fun making the fettuccine. Now that I've seen it done, maybe I can help next time and we can try a filled pasta or something else more exotic.

EDIT: Whoops! Photo back.

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