Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Foraging for Television

Am I the only only one who is this way? I don't know. I sort of like foraging for shows. I like to watch television, but I like watching it on my terms, and I'm afraid that if I got cable liquid television would start shooting out of the wall, and thenwhere would we be.
I am equally fearful of cable or satellite television... though I'm not sure I've ever thought of it explicitly in terms of "drowning" it seems a fairly apt metaphor. While I don't bother with bit torrents... if I can't find a show on Hulu or Netflix Instant Watch... I generally don't watch the show. Anna is more devoted to shows she likes, and thus gets DVDs of full seasons to watch... but having a whole disc full of shows that you have to watch on a deadline is way too much pressure for me. I guess I basically view TV shows as something to keep me occupied if there is nothing on the intertoobs... with the notable exceptions of Anthony Bourdain and the original Robotech series (both on Netflix Instant Watch) that I could basically watch all day, every day.

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