Friday, September 24, 2010

Pizza Shaping

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt continues his Neapolitan pizza mission over at Serious Eats, examining how long is the ideal "cold ferment"... a cold ferment being a slow rise in the refrigerator. Being a Reinhart fan, I already do a cold ferment on my pizza dough... but it's nice to see Kenji confirm its value and put a number on the ideal length. However, that's not actually what I wanted to post about... in the midst of all that fermenting info, he linked to a really good video of an expert shaping a pizza (something I am basically afraid of and thus have Anna do):

Obviously he's shaping pizzas much bigger than would even fit in my oven, but I still thought it was pretty interesting and valuable. Notice that he doesn't ever toss the dough into the air.

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