Friday, September 17, 2010

Neapolitan Pizzas: "Skillet-Broiler Method"

This is an article from last week, so if you're a Serious Eats reader you've likely already read it, but since we've been making pizzas a fair bit lately, I really liked to see J. Kenji Lopez-Alt bring his obsessive rigor to Neapolitan pizza making...  and explore a pretty interesting technique. I love me a good Neapolitan pizza, but I'm not into them quite enough to, even briefly, consider building a wood fired oven (even if I had a back yard to put it in) or a hacked oven (even if I owned my oven).... however Kenji apparently achieves his aims  in authenticity using nothing more than a pan and his broiler. An alternative...  if your broiler is on top of the oven as opposed to the bottom like Kenji's (and mine)... would be to put your pizza stone on the top rack instead of the bottom and fire the oven up to broil. Like other standard pizza stone methods, you're going to need an hour for your pizza stone to heat up, which Kenji's method avoids... but that may not bother you much as the weather cools down.

We're making a couple of pizzas tonight I think, so we might give it the "Skillet-Broiler Method" a shot.

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