Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making the switch to vegetarian "sushi"

I haven't had sushi in at least 6 months, not for any concerns about sustainable fishing, but just because I've been on a prolonged udon/ramen kick. When I'm in the mood for Japanese food that's been what I want. However, we almost ate sushi last night (udon ftw again though)... and were of the opinion that we should do it soon... but then came this timely post by David Lebovitz about a sustainable sushi place in Paris. Obviously the restaurant itself isn't of much interest to me... if I ever visit Paris I won't be eating sushi... but he provided a lot of links to places like the Marine Stewardship Council, which lists fish that are OK to eat... and it only takes a quick glance to see that nearly none of them is commonly used in sushi. Now, I actually don't eat a lot of fish (raw or otherwise)... so I've not paid as much attention as I should to this kind of thing. I know the obvious, and would never eat bluefin, but I had no idea that unagi was so bad... and that's pretty much in every roll I order. Or ordered.

Looking at how resistant the sushi industry has been to sustainability concerns... four sustainable sushi restaurants in the US that I'm aware of (Miya’s in New Haven, Tataki Sushi & Sake Bar in San Francisco, Bamboo Sushi in Portland (Oregon), and Mashiko in Seattle)... I'm not sure how much business I want to give sushi restaurants in general, but if/when I do go out for it again... I won't be ordering anything with fish that I can't be sure was sustainably raised/caught. So it looks like it's sweet potato rolls for me from now on. Good thing I like sweet potato rolls.

photo by Flickr user Muy Yum used under a Creative Commons license

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