Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quiche Semi-Fail

Tried to make a poblano and monterey jack quiche based on this recipe from Epicurious last night, but had a mini-disaster trying to get the quiche out of the ring mold and off of the sheet pan. Before I get into that, I should detail the recipe itself... which I think worked pretty well, though I haven't fully tasted it yet, so I can't be sure... but early indications are good... I basically only took the proportions of the garnish from the Epicurious recipe... that is, a pound of poblanos, 8 oz of monterey jack cheese, and a couple tablespoons of grated white onion... and then used the same recipe for the pastry dough and filling as in my mushroom, shallot, and Gruyère Quiche. However instead of leaving everything raw, I roasted the poblanos on a burner and let them steam in a plastic bag for 15 minutes before taking off the skin and slicing them into 1/4" strips. I also used a minced shallot instead of grating an onion, because grating an onion for a couple of tablespoons seems wasteful and stupid... but probably that's just me.

Regardless, the disaster came when putting the quiche in the oven... a bit of the liquid sloshed out on to the cookie sheet underneath. Not a big deal, right? I mean, that's what the pan is there for. At least, that's what I thought... but unfortunately it was a big deal. The liquid seeped underneath the quiche itself and essentially welded the pie crust and ring mold to the pan.

Let's just say the resulting product was not quite photo worthy... though in retrospect, failure is often more instructive than success... so maybe I'll document said FAIL for posterity when I get home.

And if it tastes good, how can I really complain? Next time I do the final bit of filling once the pan is already in the oven... and wipe up any spills.

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