Monday, August 2, 2010

ATT vs. Verizon - Maine Edition

My Droid has full on 3G in the Bucksport area whereas Anna's iPhone was on "The Edge Network"... my 3G service continued up the coast into Ellsworth, but as we got a bit closer to Mount Desert Isle/Acadia I lost it. No internet whatsoever in Bar Harbor... and pretty poor cell phone service.

Interestingly, the GPS/Google maps navigation from Bucksport to our hike in Acadia worked great... but when we finished the hike and I wanted to get directions to Bar Harbor for dinner it was at a total loss. The GPS aspect knew where we were fine, but it doesn't appear Google maps can work without a data connection. So I guess that's one solid advantage a stand alone GPS unit has on an Android phone... it always has its maps.

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