Friday, July 2, 2010

World Cup Quarterfinals

Kind of a shame that four of the five best teams left (out of eight) are all meeting in the quarters. Also a shame that Brazil-Netherlands starts in an hour and a half instead of being the afternoon game that I could leave early to watch. I'd make some predictions, but they'd pretty much all be chalk... I'd like to believe Ghana can win, but the Uruguay I've seen is just too good... though I'll root for the Black Stars regardless. The Netherlands could certainly beat Brazil this morning as well, but aside from the Germans, it doesn't seem the Europeans are really coming that strong... though I will say that the Dutch are the one team I haven't seen a full (or even half) game from, so maybe I'm underestimating them. Spain seems really off, and probably the ripest for an upset, but I can't see them falling to Paraguay.

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