Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Netherlands vs. Uruguay

I don't know why I'm not a believer in the Dutch... they beat Brazil after all... and they've got some guys who make very pretty goals... but I'm just not. However with Suarez out you gotta think Uruguay will just be too shorthanded on offense to win... certainly if you are just rooting for an exciting game you're rooting for the Dutch, since Uruguay will batten down the hatches and hope to get lucky on the counter. I don't know... all signs point to a concvincing win for the Netherlands... but I've just got a feeling about Uruguay.

UPDATE: A Balloon Juice commenter points out the Suarez was bragging about the handball and generally taunting the Ghanaians... which I didn't see or hear. Allegiance switched on account of poor sportsmanship! Go Dutch!

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