Monday, July 19, 2010

Life & Limb

Sorry about the blurriness... I only had my Powershot and auto focus was being ornery. (Yeah, I really wanted to be able to read the menus on the bar... thanks camera!) I blogged about Life & Limb back in December when it got some press (strangely the link to the original article is broken)... never was able to find a bottle of it... all the local stores did have it at one time, but were out (with no hope of more) by the time I knew anything about it. Perhaps not surprisingly, Dogfish Head had a bunch of bottles available at their brew pub that you could only drink on site (stupid liquor laws)... and while I'm not much into strong dark ales, I felt like I had to try it while I had the chance. You're probably better off going to Beer Advocate if you're looking for a serious evaluation, but I thought it was pretty good and quite interesting in it's character with a good balance of flavors... would definitely drink it again, though that seems a little unlikely unless they still have bottles next summer. I don't think I'd say it's worth the effort to make a special pilgrimage for it... it's just a beer after all, and merely an above average one at that... but if you're vacationing in the area it's definitely worth a stop.

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