Thursday, July 22, 2010

Farmed Salmon vs. GMO's

Author Paul Greenberg has an interesting post about changes that could be made to salmon farming that would reduce their carbon footprint and avoid the evil specter of AquAdvantage® Salmon in our supermarkets. Now, I find the copyright of lifeforms to be just as creepy as most... I've read The Windup Girl (great book)... and am as aware of the nightmare scenarios as anybody... but I'm still probably the only liberal on the planet who thinks GMO's are inevitably going to be a part of the solution to feeding the world's population in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner. I guess I just don't understand why people are so creeped out by the entire concept. If we can genetically modify a fish to vastly reduce the carbon footprint of raising it... shouldn't that be on the table? I guess 99% of all food reform advocates are strenuously against such a thing, but I think they're living in a dream world if they think we can feed 9 billion plus people in 2050 on operations modeled after Neiman Ranch.

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