Monday, July 26, 2010

EveryTrail Android App

We were up in Maine this weekend to see Anna's family, but we did manage to get a hike in (my first of the summer, gah!). Unfortunately, my Garmin Forerunner 305 was mysteriously lacking in battery charge... despite being on the charger all week... and, in addition, the weather was pretty uncooperative... raining all morning and leaving behind a thick fog all afternoon.

This provided a pretty good opportunity to check out the EveryTrail app that allows you to GPS a trip and sync up photos taken from your smart phone to post online. Obviously the best comparison would be to GPS a hike with my phone and with my Forerunner at the same time and see how close they are... but until I get a chance to do that (next weekend maybe) I'll just assume the track is accurate. It's really easy to use and the photo integration is seamless... but I found the photos themselves to be extraordinarily disappointing. I don't know how much of this was due to my crappy cell phone camera or the ever present fog, but I suspect a regular point and shoot digital camera would be a vast upgrade in picture quality. Another minor annoyance is that it doesn't display the hike stats (e.g. average speed, mileage, etc) on the main screen but on another one that's somewhat hidden in the interface.

I'll probably stick to my Forerunner/Powershot combo for hikes... but if you don't have a handheld GPS (and you probably don't) but you do have an iPhone or Android based phone... this is a pretty cool way to document your travels.

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