Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whew, Still Alive!

And by that I don't mean the US soccer team (also true), but myself... managing not to have a heart attack in what was one of the tensest sporting events of my life. A goal in the 91st minute!? Why are you doing this to me? But gratz to the US team for overcoming more terrible officiating(how many red cards did Algeria deserve in the final minutes? 3?), an awful call on another disallowed goal, and their own fairly bad finishing (Dempsey! WTF man?). I do have to say the defense stepped up against Algeria's counters, though in truth, Algeria showed no interest in winning in the second half... even though they needed to win 2-0 to advance. Kind of a shameful performance if you ask me.

England won the other match 1-0, so we both go through, with US winning the group. We'll find out who we play this afternoon. Any one of Serbia, Germany, or Ghana seems realistic to me... the only real long shot would Australia somehow making it out of Group, but it's certainly possible and would clearly be our best bet at getting another win. For that to happen, you're rooting for Australia and Ghana victories today.

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