Friday, June 18, 2010


Starts at 10:30am EST... which is horribly inconvenient. If it was a 7:30 game I'd just come in late... 2:30 I'd leave early... now it's a question of leaving for a really long lunch, or having it on in the background and trying to do other things. Hmmm.

Anyway, this game has me nervous mainly because it's a classic trap game for the US... and in World Cups past... after a strong performance that surprises you... they have traditionally laid an egg against opponents they should beat handily. Now, I watched the Slovenia-Algeria game last weekend, and let me tell you that Slovenia is a team the US should beat handily. They didn't show a lick of offense, against a pretty inept Algerian side, until they were up a man... so I'm not scared of them talent wise, but who knows if the US is going to show up (or manage to make it through the game without a red card). Note that Slovenia already has 3 points while the US only has 1... so while we would probably make it through with a draw here and a win against Algeria (since I'll assume the UK is going to trash both remaining teams on their schedule in righteous fury) the strongest play is just to win.

EDIT: Whoops... started at 10 and I missed Slovenia scoring on us. Sigh.

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