Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain, Spain, Spain... sigh

I didn't watch it, and I'm not rooting for them, but since I did root for them during Euro 2008 I'd thought I'd note Spain's shameful and stunning 1-0 loss to Switzerland.

The World Cup has been pretty fun so far... except for the time zone thing being a hassle... but either the top teams are playing mainly not to lose (and sometimes getting stung for it), or they are all seriously off of their games. I can't say anybody has looked particularly dominant that I can think of... honestly South Korea, Mexico, and Ghana have probably looked the best to me (relative to their competition), and none of those is likely to make it to the finals. I hope the quality of play improves as we move in to the second games and teams need some points.

UPDATE: I forgot about Germany, since I didn't watch that game... but maybe they're the playing best of any "power"? Then Argentina I guess?

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