Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simple Supper

Yeah, that's right, all I had for dinner last night was a bowl of potatoes... better than a bag of chips, right?

They gave me some trouble since they were all different sizes (less than an inch diameter to probably two inches plus)... I tried to fish them out of the simmering water individually, when they were done, but pulled a few out too early. It got me to thinking... as I was eating basically the full range of potato doneness... I like my boiled potatoes kind of mushy. I want pretty much the only resistance to be the potato skin. Is that gross?


  1. I like soft potatoes also, but do you ever do the boil/flatten/fry thing so they get a nice crunchiness on the outside?

  2. When I make home fries, or any potatoes in a skillet, I'll parboil them first before frying them... otherwise they dry out before they're cooked through.

    But what do you mean by "flatten" them? Some sort of hash browns thing?

  3. You squash the little boiled potatoes to be sorta flat, but still hold together. Then you pan fry on both sides so you get crispy brown outside, soft fluffy inside.