Monday, May 24, 2010


I'll have more to say about Sunday's quiche making experience (you can see non-narrated pictures here) when I find a little more time to write it up, but I wanted to highlight some advice (that I did not listen to) from Ruhlman's quiche recipe (that I did not use):
Reserve a small piece of dough to fill any cracks that might open in the dough as it bakes.
Unless you have a giant monitor, you probably have to click through to see what's going on at the edges... but some custard leaked out through a whole in the crust... not a disaster, since it's in a cake pan instead of the 9" round Ruhlman suggests... but a fair amount of liquid did absorb into the crust from the outside, leaving a distinctly less crisp crust than expected.

Still delicious, regardless... and, like I said, I'll have a more detailed post about my first quiche cooking and eating(!) experience later this week... but let this be a lesson to us all. Always. Listen. To. Ruhlman.

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