Friday, May 14, 2010

Sausage and Peppers

Over Mother's Day weekend, I tried a Cook's Illustrated recipe (sub required) for Sausage and Onions... there was nothing shockingly awesome about it... the basic "revelation" being cooking the onions and peppers together in a covered disposable roasting pan for a bit before before putting the sausages directly on the grill... but it was good (and it was the one thing everybody ate), and it made me a little sad grilling is not an option in our apartment bound life (not entirely true as I think there are ways to do cook outs in various parks around the city... maybe we'll try that this summer).

Well, Simply Recipes to the rescue, as they have a superbly well timed indoor Sausage and Peppers recipe that looks divine. At first it looked like there is way too high of a pepper to sausage ratio, but then I saw the suggestion to use the leftover peppers as a sauce for pasta... which seems fairly brilliant. I will try this.

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