Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I admit that I paid almost no attention to Super-Mega-Obama-Tea-Party-Referendum Tuesday, but reading the summaries of the fallout of the elections (from two bloggers I really like) this morning... just made me laugh.

Center-Right Politics Blogger James Joyner:
Will Republicans pick up a large number of seats in November? Almost certainly. That has been clear for months. Will they pick up a majority in the House and/or Senate? I still don’t think so but it’s more likely today than it was yesterday morning.

Center-Left Politics Blogger Jonathan Chait:
For months, I've been very bearish on the Democrats chances in November. This is a strong data point that Democrats might hold onto the House and perhaps, if the economy picks up steam, potentially hold their losses to the 20-25 seat range.

I concur: last night was GREAT tepid news for [Insert Political Party or Ideology Here]!!

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