Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picky Eating Explored

In the writing of my last post, I was reminded of an article that I meant to mention/comment on two weeks ago... but never got my thoughts together enough to write a post. Amy Sullivan (you may recognize her from Time) appears to have started a regular column at The Atlantic on the trials and tribulations of a foodie trying to overcome picky eating well into adulthood. Her latest is about learning to eat a raw tomato... something I can completely identify with, since I've only been eating them in the last five years or so. Like her, the main problem I had was that the entirety of my experience with tomatoes centered around cardboard out of season super market tomatoes... when I started eating them in season and fresh from a farm/garden, it was a completely different experience. I will still refuse tomatoes on a sandwich in January, especially if I don't know their provenance... but in the height of summer am completely comfortable.

Anyway... if you'd like to step into the irrationality and weirdness of a picky eater's mind, I highly recommend her stuff.

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