Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh... I always wondered what happened to The Roadhouse

Anna sent me a link to this Dig review:
When David Ciccolo, owner of Publick House, ventured to spice up Brookline with a barbecue joint called The Roadhouse, neighbors complained the kitchen's smell was overpowering. So Ciccolo packed up the smokers and launched a Cajun/Mexican menu ... which also fell flat. In February, after fewer than two years in business, Roadhouse closed its doors for a week-long metamorphosis. Touting a local-centric menu of classic American comfort food with an "artisanal" twist—and of course, Ciccolo's signature craft beer selection—American Craft opened on February 24th to hopeful buzz from fans disappointed by Roadhouse's demise. I was among them, and dropped in on a Tuesday night, eager to see the revamp.
We live across the river from Brookline now, and don't get over as often as we should, but (if I'm remembering correctly) they were renovating the old Vinny Testa's into The Roadhouse about the time we were moving... it was exciting at the time... (a barbecue joint from the Publick House guys!?) but it got bad reviews right out of the gate, and we never made it before they had already given up on the entire barbecue plan. Friends who sampled the Cajun/Mexican menu replacement were pretty blah about it as well, so we basically just gave up on it with a "Well, at least we still have Publick House."

After the disappointment of the dining experience at Lord Hobo, we're definitely in the market for an craft beer place with great food... sounds like the aptly named American Craft is worth a shot. I mean, hey, they have a tofu steak on the menu... what could be more perfect?

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